A Mid Century Modern night’s dream: Revista Căminul, September issue

A mid century modern summer night’s dream portrayed by Revista Căminul in their September Issue.  Here, our massive oak table made out of 400 year old churches benches portrayed with an ensemble of Hans Werner, Niels Koefoed and Ilmari Tapiovaara chairs.

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Mazilique spelled in volumetrics, the most stylish food blog in Romania, got itself a top notch re-launch party. And because such an occasion needs a special layout, we were there, spelling her name in caps lock volumetric letters. More from the press release: “Cel mai stylish blog de food & lifestyle din .ro, apartinand Cristinei Mazilu, a fost relansat intr-un […]

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Visual story made by ELLE Romania in our showroom for their September Issue. Styled by Maurice Munteanu and shot by Dan Beleiu, the hidden extravaganza of textures and fabrics that dress up this fall matches the Mid Century Modern vibe in a perfect embodiment of roughness and tenderness, just like a good old autumn day. […]


Romanian Design Week, Episode 2

“We landed at “Hotel Discret”, an endeavor of Eclectico Studio at Stirbei Palace on Victoriei Boulevard organized in collaboration with Atelierul de Grafica.  Hotel Discret is a major retrospective devoted to product and graphic design made in Romania between 1950 and 1990. Our idea was to create an exhibition that would host, in a homogenous […]

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“V-ati facut deja planuri pentru week-end-ul ce parca a inceput timid sa se insinueze? Daca inca mai acceptati propuneri, eu v-as recomanda un drum pana la Eclectico Studio.   Ma veti intreba de ce, nu-i asa? Stati linistiti, nu m-ati luat prin surprindere, mi-am facut temeinic temele. In primul rand, studioul isi desfasoara activitatea intr-o […]

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La Disco, la Cinema şi la Hotel Discret

“Expoziția Hotel Discret de la Palatul Știrbey a avut loc în cadrul Romanian Design Week, între 17 și 31 mai. În 2014, folosim hashtag pentru aproape orice și stăm pe Tinder, însă ne place să facem poze pe Polaroid și atunci când nu călărim bicicleta Pegas prin oraș, ne rupem în figuri la Discotecă pe […]

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