“Mur Blanc” à Ana Gabriela Lemnaru

Every season we invite our favorite interior designers to decorate on of our chambers with the items that mostly inspired them from our showroom.

Ana Gabriela Lemnaru is our first guest curator in this project. She helps the clients become the designers of their homes and gets involved in aiding and assisting the better development of a decoration project. She likes to ask a lot of questions, offer documented advice and tactfully address the wishes of the client.

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How did you start with interior design?

It all started back in Pitesti, the city where I was born, in the kitchen of our apartment in a plain regular four floors building. My mother was a window dresser, it was a part of her work. The sharp scent of glue, the bold volumetric letters from BREAD or GROCERY STORE, the trees that surpassed every season, those fake snow flakes that were so common in the communist Christmas, the furniture models or the importance of shape and color in words, all these have enhanced a unique universe, a rather fairy tale one. I admit I am very attached to this story and I often translate it into my decorations.

I work with both smaller or greater budgets. Beauty lays in simplicity, however I admit I enjoy greater budgets in the projects I take, as they give me more freedom to use quality materials or rare pieces that otherwise I couldn’t afford – natural fur, leather, stone, teak. I realize that – handling other people’s homes decoration for such a long time, focusing on their needs, I have become an observer. I developed a tendency to dress myself in neutral tones, but, when help is needed, I address professionals. I’m not that good with clothes. My work is what I do best.

Say you had to make a mood board of your day to day life. What sorts of things would you put in it?

I’d probably insert all the states of mind that inspire me, translated in nuances. I’d paint them back and forth and persist on the edges.

Tell us more about the concept behind the room you decorated this season at Eclectico Studio.

I wanted to create a sensory environment, to induce the watcher in a particular state of mind, carry them through a “what if…” kind of tale. I used the items in the showroom to build my personal puzzle.

My approach was to reunite different items from various decades that are interconnected in a chromatic liaison. Starting from the 1940s and their luxurious Hollywood Regency Style, following with the 1950s and 1960s gold plated chandeliers (Bakalowitz und Sohne and the one in the style of Stilnovo), the French Maison Jansen coffee tables from the 1970s – and stepping into the contemporary with the wallpaper and the Golden Cage Bookcase by Vincenzo de Cotiis, an icon that benefits from the past heritage.

I added particular items that balance the  mood – wood, leather, cow skin, plants – they all add a milder shade and allow the setup to breathe.

Foto: Alexandru Dan

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